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Earn $500 by referring family and friends


Every time you refer us a client when they purchase their solar package you earn $500.

Help us connect with  your friends and family to arrange a hassle free, informative chat.

If your referral becomes a new client for Nexon Solar to express our gratitude we will pay you $500.

Our vision at Nexon Solar is to provide products and services that make a difference to the environment we all share. 

We take pride in knowing that on every sale we earn we help our clients save money.

On every referred client that joins with Nexon Solar we add one more house towards reducing the carbon footprint and each new referred client can earn you $500. 




Please fill out your name and provide your email.  Indicate n subject header "Referral".  In message box provide name and contact information for person you are referring for Nexon Solar to contact. 

In completing this form and submitting you are acknowledging that referred party has provided you expressed verbal consent to refer them.  If your referring party becomes a Nexon Solar Client you are eligible for the our Referral Program.