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How does solar panels work in the shade or at night?

Your solar panels charge throughout the day and store reserved energy.  This reserved energy is returned to the power grid reducing your traditional consumption of energy from your utility provider.  So even though your drawing traditional power from your utility provider on shady days or evenings your still saving money.

How much does it cost with solar panels in my home?

Your costs will vary based on your level of energy consumption, the slope of your roof and its facing to the sun, the amount of shading over your roof and power utility meter policy.

We offer a variety of flexible and affordable $0 down payment options with a free consultation to help assess your installation costs. 

How much will I save with Solar Panels?

The amount each customer will save differs based on their energy consumption and how optimum the house is geographically located.

During our free consultation we can assess your household installation and help provide an estimate of what you can could expect.  The general range of savings varies on average between 20-60%.



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